Non Target Species

non-targetUnfortunately there are several other species of fauna that are anything but pests, most of which are beneficial, but due to their appearance, habits and association with superstitious beliefs, they are regarded as pests. Most of these species are also protected by law. The emblem representative of the latter may be the geckos, (wiżgħat). Others, usually mistaken as rodent pests, are local beneficial species not related to rodents, such as the Pygmy White Toothed Shrew (Suncus etruscus) (regarded as the smallest mammal in the world) and the Sicilian Shrew (Crocidura sicula) (endemic to Sicily and Gozo), usually also end up with the same fate. These are more closely related to hedgehogs rather than to rats and mice, and they are beneficial to us as they keep pest insects at bay. So goes for all bat species that frequent our houses to roost. They are also protected by law. Many reptile species encountered, such as snakes and lizards, also generally end up at the same fate. Fort is the only local Pest Control company that is built on eco-friendly measures so its services are aimed to satisfy the client needs of the removal of any unwanted creatures but at the same time ensures that the non target species are returned to their natural habitat safe and unharmed.