• Residential

    Put your mind at rest when you‘re at home with your family and friends and don’t let any uninvited guest join in the party! We are dedicated to provide our esteemed clients with an extensive analysis and protection against all kind of pests commonly found in residential property, both indoors and outdoors. Our assessment and protection implementation will be followed by practical tips of how one can help making his residential property unattractive for pests.

  • Commercial

    Are you adequately prepared for the next visit by the sanitary auditors? We ensure the highest level of protection against pests for all kinds of commercial outlets, being an office, a small corner shop or the largest of establishments. Our team will subsequently reassess and monitor the situation on each and every session to ensure the most suitable protection applicable. Subscribe with us and we will be there to remind you in advance of when your next session is due.

  • Industrial

    We at Fort pest control understand that the industrial sector is one of the most sensitive, and that lack of proper protection against pests can hinder reputation and easily lead to tough implications. Our specialised team of assessors will be more than happy to come on site in order to pre- assess the situation and recommend the best solution for your industrial enterprise. Our ecological products have been purposely developed, making it possible to have them applied without interfering with the production line whilst keeping the working environment safe for your employees.

  • Heritage

    We have at heart the Maltese heritage so much so that we have engaged a dedicated team of people who have extensive experience in this delicate field. Pest control and restoration in this particular field work hand in hand, hence Fort pest control has also partnered with Salvarti Ltd. the first company in Malta to specialise in ecological protection and restoration of both movable and immovable property. Click here for more information.

  • Agricultural

    The agricultural sector faces similar or rather more intensive pest related problems. Pests such as feral pigeons and rodents carry diseases from one farm to another endangering the health of workers whilst compromising the hygiene of crops and livestock. Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced to handle such pest control issues. We also cater for other agricultural related problems in gardens, terraces and horticultural areas surrounding our client’s premises.

Rodent Control

Rodents are very common pests which most of us will come across one day or another. As a leading ecological pest control company we use primarily environmental friendly and humane methods to handle rodent control believing in this methodology as the most effective. Our expert technicians are trained to identify remains of the pest, identifying its particular species providing the most suitable solution in a very discreet and cost effective way.

Woodworm treatment

The term “Woodworm” consists of a larvae type of insect that damages wood structures whilst feeding. Since our islands have a constant warm temperature, most insects especially those belonging to this group feast constantly on this food source, therefore constant monitoring of valuable belonging is essential. Fort Pest Control is a subsidiary company of Salvarti Co.Ltd, the leading company specialising in ecological non-toxic woodworm treatment. For more info go to:

Flying and crawling insects

Whilst numerous species of minute organisms prefer to stay away from human urbanization, a handful of species are well known domesticated pests. Some are just casual intruders while the majority are serious pests which can carry several diseases. We at Fort offer pest control services targeting specifically this category of insects followed by advice related to effective control measures.

Non Target Species

Unfortunately there are several other species that are anything but pests, most of which are beneficial, but due to their appearance, habits and association with superstitious beliefs, they are regarded as pests. Most of these species are also protected by law. Fort is the only local pest control company that is constituted on eco-friendly beliefs offering services aimed to primarily satisfy the client’s needs whilst ensuring that these protected species are returned to their natural habitat safe and unharmed.

Pest Control of alien species in sensitive ecological sites

There are a number of scheduled sites in the Maltese islands that are protected due to the natural habitats they house. Pest control related to alien species, both flora (plants) and fauna (animals) found in these sites require special permits from the competent authorities before their removal. Fort pest control offers assistance and guidance to its clients throughout this sensitive procedure by assessing each case on its own merits and also by helping in obtaining the necessary permits from the local environment and planning authorities. Our technicians are trained to work in such sensitive sites enabling the removal of unwanted organisms whilst honouring their commitment to safeguard our natural heritage.

Consultation & Monitoring

Our work is our passion; hence providing professional advice regarding pest control and monitoring is an essential part of the services offered. Backed by years of experience our qualified technicians can beyond doubt identify and evaluate specific pest related problems and subsequently establish an effective plan targeted to improve hygiene, housekeeping and proofing.

Termite Treatment

Termites live in huge colonies that can amount from hundreds to several millions in total. Due to their wood-eating habits, many termite species can cause great damage to wooden structures and articles. Unlike ineffective traditional methods that offer a partial and temporary solution to the problem, Fort pest control uses a new innovative ecological technique capable of eradicating the whole termite colony.

IPM – Integrated Pest Management

IPM involves a number of basic practices, shaped around the knowledge of the pests’ life cycle and biological niche association. In whichever setting IPM is used (i.e. either agricultural or domestic use), it always follows a systematic process. Therefore IPM is a continuum, consisting of the setting of action thresholds (a common point at which pest control action should be taken), identification and monitoring of pests, prevention using more cultural rather than chemical means, and finally the actual pest control standard procedures. IPM is a fundamental aspect in Fort pest control`s service; a key element that makes the company stand above the crowd.

Bird Proofing

Bird proofing is essential to keep your property free of pest birds, particularly feral pigeons. Fort pest control offers a range of bird control services such as bird netting and bird spikes. Pest birds can spread diseases such as Ornithosis and Salmonella, deface buildings and foul entryways with their droppings, damage cars with their acidic droppings and encourage secondary pest infestation in their nesting areas. The methodology and control practices adopted by Fort to help keeping such pests at bay are based on effectively repelling the specimen.

Dust mite & Allergen Control

Dust mites can stir up a lot of trouble even though invisible to the naked human eye. A lot of people are allergic to these little bugs and might put the blame of their hindrance on flue or even asthma. Dust mites feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the comfortable and stable environment of human dwellings. The presence of dust mites might not be so easily acknowledged, hence as part of its vast range of services Fort addresses this every day issue with specific measures